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Customer Comments and Professional Reviews:

The testimonials below have been provided by our clients who have used our programs and ongoing consulting. We invite you to contact any of the people whose comments appear here. Just email us and we will be pleased to forward their contact information to you.


Robert Rock, Jr. - Webster, NY   - "Well, I finally closed on the business. The seller was on an emotional roller coaster. Even on closing day I was concerned on whether or not he would sign. But, he finally did. I would not have been able to go through the entire process without your course and your personal guidance. There were many challenges along the way. I just kept reading and rereading your course throughout. Thank you for all of your help." 


Dean & Stacy Talbot- Glendale, CA - "Allow me to start by thanking you again for writing such a wonderful program, without your wisdom my wife and I would still be staring at the ceiling in utter confusion. My wife and I wanted to let you all know that we did it! We bought a business and we owe a lot of it to all of your support! Your program enabled us to go from not having a clue to having a strong sense and understanding of what buying a business entails. Without your program we would never have felt secure enough to actually purchase a business."


Steven Krug – Signal Mountain, TN - “Investing in your course has been fantastic.  It is extremely well organized, fast paced, and gets to the bottom line!  Your status/encouragement e-mails are also great motivators. Thank you for your guidance with my questions.”


Peter Shea- Chairman and CEO - Entrepreneur Magazine –"The most complete program on buying a business that I have ever read."


Terry McGinn- Cedar Rapids, IA - "I have successfully bought a business; this was within four months of purchasing your course. I want to thank you for all of the information as it was very helpful to me in finding and purchasing this company."


Jeff & Janice Wulbert - Palatine, IL -“Your customer service is superb! Thanks again.”


Le Roux Cilliers Director - 4Comfort Limited Wokingham, United Kingdom -"It is with great pleasure and relief that I can say that we have completed the acquisition of our new business. The process was an immense experience, and your book and active support has made a real contribution on all the different stages of the process. We are particularly pleased that we could manage to bring the deal in within in 10 weeks, from the day that we saw the advert, to completion. Thanks for your support."


John Garman - Victoria, BC Canada - “I bought your course about six months ago and have now bought a business using your principles. I am very pleased with the course and have recommended it to another person and they also are very satisfied. Again, thank you very much.”


Fred Watson - Pitman, NJ -"I am a retired auditor with 30+ years of experience and an additional 15 years of concurrent experience in retail. My wife has 10 years experience in the Hospitality and Travel Industry with 10 years of concurrent experience in retail. We are presently in the process of purchasing a business that specializes in high quality unique items. My wife and I bought two books. One at Barnes and Noble titled "So You Want To Own The Store" by Brown and Tilling; the other, your program. While the first book was helpful, we both found it lacking in the necessary information to make our decision. Yours however proved to be invaluable. We liked the detailed examples, formulas, and forms. The "Here's What You Need To Know" and "Required Materials" sections proved to be the most valuable part of the book. We would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about starting and/or buying a business."


Manuel Cheskes -Houston, TX - "I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you as well as your staff at Diomo Corp. It’s a real pleasure to do business with honest professional people/company such as yourselves."


Adam Mandry - Owner - Schnecksville, PA - “Thank you for your book How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price.  My wife and I read it thoroughly and used many of your tools to help us decide to buy our business.  We believe your book truly helped us to arrive at the decision that was best for us.  Thank you again for capturing your own personal insights in this book, so that others may benefit from your experience.”


John Buso - Watertown, CT - "Just a note to tell you that I have purchased a business and am in the process of completing the transaction. Thanks again for the great course."


Gerald Lee- Pasadena, CA -  "Great suggestions even for someone like myself who has significant experience analyzing companies professionally. The book and support is worth every penny. Thanks again."


Eric Williams - Oak Bluffs, MA - “Thank you for the great customer service”


Jason Galetti -San Diego , CA - “Your book has been a true lifesaver and in about one week I have begun to bang heads with some of my peers in philosophical discussions about buying a business. Many with MBAs are from top schools like UCLA, USC, etc. To be honest, your down and dirty reality based information is letting me crush them pretty good, which has been fun! Thanks again.”


Lee Ann G. Anderson - Wellsville, PA - “THANK YOU!!!! What a responsive and helpful corporation. I have and will continue to recommend this book and your firm to everyone I come in contact with who is looking to buy a great business.”


Femi Asogbon - London , UK - “Thank you for checking up on me and I must admit I really find the material I bought from you invaluable and inspiring. It's helping me through this important time of buying a business and has served as very good business education altogether.”


Jack Moses - Haworth, NJ - "Please accept my many thanks for your course on how to buy a business. It has to be one of the best investments I have made regardless of the nominal sum. It not only gave me very sound advice and instructions on every aspect of identifying and purchasing a business, It also gave me the courage to do it and be one of the 10% who succeed!"


Ron and Elena Duguid - Westfield, NJ - “Thank you VERY MUCH for all of your help. As a result of the lessons, approaches, thoughts and ideas that you have shared with me in your How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price my wife and I purchased the business that I was pursuing when you and I first spoke. It generates $5M in gross revenues and 18% Discretionary Income to the owner (us) each year. I put nothing down purchased it for a $1m balloon due in 5 years. The sellers are burned out and “want out”, however we have agreed that they will stay for 3 years at reduced compensation and reduced duties! Thanks so much for your help and thank you for sharing! I refer to your book (my business acquisition bible) whenever I am in the process of acquiring a new business, as a reference and a refresher. Thanks so much for all of your help, personal advice and council. They have changed our lives forever! Best to you and your family!”


David Moore - Southaven , Mississippi - "Your course has been very helpful and has enabled me to feel confident at looking at businesses."


Peter Clarke - Huntington Beach, California - “You folks should be applauded and accolades paid, what an up front way of doing business.  You most certainly have earned my trust and believe me I do not give that easily!” 


Ross Baldwin- Poway, CA - "I am an Arthur Andersen audit partner and given current events with our firm, my plan is to buy a business to "be in control of my own destiny". By way of background, I have completed acquisition due diligence for approximately 15 acquisitions over my 22 year career and would consider myself pretty good at it. Given my current desire to buy my own business, I thought I would find out what others had to say on the topic. I purchased a book on buying a business from the bookstore, read it in a couple of days and found it somewhat useful. I think the cost of that book was about $10. I had previously identified your book on the Internet, but wasn't sure it was worth the download price versus the bookstore price of other similar books. After looking through the table of contents I decided to download it. That was Friday and this is Sunday afternoon. I just completed the material. While I would consider myself a well informed individual on acquisitions, I found your book very insightful and practical. I clearly got way more than the purchase price value in practical ideas. Great job! This is a very valuable service, even for an expert."


Jon Brown - Santa Monica, CA - “After reading your book I located a business for a very good price and I placed an offer. The owner agreed to carry half the loan on 3 years at prime plus 2 points. Thanks for all your information.  What a great service you offer.”


Melinda & Ed Adams - Farmers Branch, TX - “You'll be happy to know we made an offer on a business 4 weeks after finishing your book and we will close the first of next month. Your book was tremendously helpful in our quest for buying a business. You provide a great service for people looking to own a business.  I don't know what we would have done without your book! Thank you.”


Gary and Carole Cook – Hyde Park, FL - “Just a quick note to say we have now joined the 10%ers rather than the 90%ers. Thanks to the information from your e books we have just are just about to close on a business. Despite a lot of hard work and a lot of chasing around at all hours due to the time difference here in the UK, we finally got everything done and are now on our way to the USA. Thanks again for all the great information.”


Rob Haworth -Cupertino, CA - "The material has helped me focus on my key success factors in screening a business. It has saved me a lot of time/research in screening out my 1st two businesses."


Adolfo Pecchio - President & CEO -LatCapital, LLC - Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela - “When you read “How to Buy a Business at a Great Price” by Richard Parker, you immediately know that he has been there and done that. A no-nonsense must read for anybody who is seriously interested in acquiring a business.”


Brenda Gooden – Arlington, TX - “Just wanted to touch base and say hi. I am getting thru the material a little slower than I like but boy has it been a real help. I am currently a business owner. I have 2 businesses that my husband and I are currently running. I wish I had purchased your report before we started this second one. We have decided that we are going to sell and are in the process of looking for a broker. We will purchase another one. This time we'll be smarter and wiser thanks to you.”


Gary Johns - Glenview, Illinois - “I have found and purchased a terrific business in the southwest. I read your program after purchasing it over the web, and during the course of my search for a company I went back to it several times. Having been in business as an employee, minority owner, plus a senior lending officer; I knew the mechanics. What your book provided was insights, such as "Do you picture yourself doing this? I rejected several in that condition, usually in discussing it with my wife, or a close friend and advisor. I came close on a couple deals, each of which I took hard, because I really wanted to run the specific business. It does take some time to recover from that, as you pointed out. I purchased the operating franchises for Arizona and New Mexico from a husband and wife who have become close friends.”


Michelle Ferry- Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia - "I wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you in the development of your HOW TO BUY A GOOD BUSINESS AND MAKE IT GREAT. We diligently read, followed and used much of your material to complete our recent purchase of a business."


Bryan Richards - Irvine, CA - "As you assisted me in my project to acquire a business, I feel that I should give you some feedback. I completed the purchase and I would like to thank you for the useful advice and information you provided me and to wish you well."


Joseph Boy- West Valley City, Utah - “Your list for Due Diligence is fantastic. Thanks”


Kathyne L. Jackson - Lanham, MD - “I wanted to thank you profusely for your training. Without the knowledge in those pages I would never have had the courage to take on my life long dream of owning my own family business. My son is also excited, since he will be the manager during the day while I keep my full-time job until the business flourishes. Each time I run into a snag, I opened the book and started re-reading pages until the anxiousness left and the solution arrived. By next week, I should be a business owner! Again, thanks for everything.”


Roger Haney – Chicago, IL - “I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that I finally purchased a business. I'm NOT a 90 Percenter! It took longer than I had anticipated, but I wasn't just interested in purchasing any business, I wanted to purchase a good business that met all/most of my criteria. Your course was a significant help to me as I educated myself to make an acquisition. I will recommend it to anyone that is thinking about buying a business. When I purchased the course, I didn't realize that you and I would end up communicating via email and telephone calls. I want to thank you for being helpful and supportive as I went through the process. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and let you know that your book had helped me significantly.”


Dan Rawitch – Santa Clarita, CA - “I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the comprehensive data you supplied me! It is the first e-book on the I have purchased that I could honestly say was worth every penny paid. The interesting thing about my accolades is that for most of my life I have been self employed. In fact, I built one company and took it public. Once public, we made numerous acquisitions to grow the company. I also did M&A work with one of the largest Investment Banks in the US in the mid 1980's. Currently, I run National Loan Production for one of the largest wholesale mortgage bankers in the US, we are owned by General Electric. Great job! But, I miss being self employed! I am telling you this to drive home the point that I was already fairly well versed on your subject matter and STILL learned a lot!”


Ron Haroldsen -Kingsburg, CA - “I am very appreciative of your assistance Richard. You have gone further than just business with your level of concern and counsel. It is truly appreciated. Thanks “


Todd Hoellig - Boston, NY - “I wanted to update you on the progress I have made with the business in North Carolina. We came to an agreement on the purchase price and I have been able to establish an excellent relationship with the owner. We have a signed letter of intent and we’re set to close the middle of next month. So far, things have moved rather quickly and smoothly! I would like to thank you for all of your assistance throughout this process as well as all the other phone conferences and email discussions prior to this. Both the course and your personal support have lived up to what was promoted on the web site and have definitely exceeded my expectations. Your guidance and feedback has been very valuable, and I appreciate all of your help. Your course has been instrumental in preparing me for all of the stages of buying a business, especially the investigation, negotiation and due diligence. Thank you again for all of your support!”


Hussain Baqueri- Albertson, NY - “I had purchased your program "How to Buy A Good Business At A Great Price" three months ago. I have just purchased my first business. Thank you very much; the material was very helpful.”


Julian Schembri - Worcester Park, Surrey, United Kingdom - "I bought your book a couple of months ago and found it very, very helpful. It has provided me with a wealth of important information. Actually, I'd go as far as to say it inspired me enough to sell my house in England, buy a biz in Florida and I'm glad to say that I am now amongst the 10% who has gone through and pulled the trigger. So THANKYOU VERY MUCH !!! I truly believe you personally have gone way beyond what is normally expected and I thank you very much for your services. ”Without buying your book I'd almost certainly have pulled out at an early stage."


Michael L. Plue - San Marcos, CA - “Back in July I purchased your ebook online. Shortly thereafter I found a business opportunity that I was interested in. I used the techniques in your book and also solicited your advice which was very helpful. In the end, I was outbid by another buyer. I then followed your suggestion that every business is for sale. I wrote a letter to the owner of the original company's competitor. I followed it up with a phone call and then a meeting. He has agreed to sell the business and we are currently working out the details. I wanted to thank you for your support and assistance. I also wanted to let you know that I should soon be on of the 10% that follow through and buy a business. Thanks Again.”


Yvonne and Peter Jackson - Bradenton, Florida - “I cannot tell you enough how fantastic I think your course is. The amount of information is incredible and although my husband and I have owned many successful businesses in Europe it is proving invaluable regarding the USA market and protocol. I also love the way it is written - like a friend talking to you in a language you understand.”


Pierre Levesque- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - "First of all I must thank you for the wonderful course. I have bought or looked at many other books regarding buying a business and yours is miles ahead as far as I'm concerned. "


Cody Francis - Las Vegas, NV - "In my 20 years of self-employment, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, books and tapes. I have learned more from your course than I have from all of those previous courses combined. Your simple, step-by-step, common sense approach makes it, not only the most comprehensive course on business purchasing, but also the easiest to apply."


Richard Strauch - Scranton, PA - "Thank you for the most amazing business course/purchasing guide I have ever come across. It was an answer to my prayers. I was confident that I could and should buy a business but I had no idea where to start, or how to plan. Your course kept me on track and focused and the personal advice that you provided me with was priceless. It took me just three months to buy the right business and I know it's right because we've had two record sales months in the four months I've now owned it. All I can say is this is a must read for anyone who wishes to buy a business, no matter their level of experience. I will be forever grateful to you."


Lisa Kelley - Haddon Heights, NJ - “My name is Lisa Kelley and I purchased your material a short while ago. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for offering this type of service to the public. This is one of the best investments that my husband and I have ever made. The information contained in this material is outstanding, to say the least. It would have taken a very long time to learn and experience everything in this material and you need to become educated on every part of it. I know that we will not run into the problems that I also know we would have if we did not study this information.”


Zane and Sarah Bary - Nelson, South Island New Zealand - “Very impressed with your program, wish I had it years ago it would have made and saved me many thousands of dollars.”


Dan Marone - Orange Park, FL - "Your information was critical in helping me to effectively search, analyze, decide, negotiate and buy my first business here in Jacksonville. Your course was central in putting me in a position of strength to make this happen. Thanks for a great product."


Marc Nicholson - Singapore - “I bought your product about 6 months ago. For two weeks, I parked myself in a coffee shop and made notes on each chapter. I then opened the papers, contacted business brokers, and let the word out that I was looking for a company. I’m delighted to inform you that I have just completed my first day at my new office. I purchased a small independent advertising company in Singapore – Rocket Media.. Your book certainly provided a solid footing for me to pursue a dream of owning my own business in Asia. Many times during the negotiations I was tempted to walk away. So I read and re read your chapter on pulling the trigger and kept that 90% figure in my mind. At the end of the day, I just pushed through and I am happy I did. Honestly, I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help. Thanks and best wishes.”


Ghassan Hanna - Alpine, CA - "Dear Mr. Parker, Thank you for your emails and continuous reminders to stay focus. I would like to let you know that after delicate negotiations I have finally reached an agreement to purchase my first business."


Larry Dressel - Centreville, VA -“I have gone through all the material and found the book to be extremely helpful. Though I have acquired many companies during my career, the material was a source of new information as well as a great refresher. I referred to it often during this process.”


Brian Sher - Author of "What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret" - "Selecting the right business, in the right industry at the right time is a critical starting point if you are going to be successful. How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price will help you do just that."


Gary Franklin - Port Richmond, CA - "The course gave me the essential information I was looking for, especially as to questions to ask when meeting the owner of a business I wanted to buy. I am now in the process of acquiring this business and will certainly recommend your course to anyone who wants to buy a business. Well done!"


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